How To Hookup Online

Easing Your First Date Nerves

By: T. Jones

First time hook-ups can be a little unnerving, especially if you’re new to the adult dating scene. I remember my first hook-up like it was yesterday: it went fine, but the whole time I felt like a clumsy, awkward teenager stumbling over every word and constantly making sure I didn’t have red lipstick on my teeth.

I’ve since become way more comfortable with the whole concept of dating in general, but it took some time to get there. Here’s how I did it; maybe it can help you overcome those first-time jitters too!

Be yourself.

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes since that’s easily the most cliché piece of advice ever, but just hear me out. My very first time meeting-up with someone I met on an adult site, I was so nervous I could have passed out. I was terrified he wouldn’t like me, or would think I looked better in my pictures or some other nonsense I was using to psyche myself out that day. As hard as I tried to calm down I just couldn’t, so instead I tried to overcompensate by acting way too confident. I mean to the point where I sounded like a complete douchebag. While the guy loved my looks and personality up until that point, my attitude turned him off and the date ended up being a complete dud. What sucks is I really liked him, and he actually liked me before I started trying to act like someone I’m not.

Get to know them beforehand.

You’ll find yourself feeling much more comfortable when you’ve had enough time to get to know the person before the first encounter. To accomplish this, take advantage of site features such as IM and live cam chat to get to know the object of your interest on a more personal level. It’ll give you a better chance at finding some common ground, which could mean fewer awkward silences if you do decide to meet.

They’re probably nervous too.

Almost everyone is nervous during a first meeting, so if you’re feeling a little anxious, chances are they are too. I once had a guy immediately let me know he was nervous, and just knowing he felt the same way really put me at ease so I could just relax and have a good time. Which led to an even better time later that night. Just sayin…

Just do it.

A lot of people will keep putting off a first date because they are just too nervous and haven’t worked up the nerve. The problem is you can only cancel so many times before the other person loses interest and moves on. Trust me; you’ll be really mad at yourself if you let what could potentially have been the best sex of your life slip through your fingers. Just take a deep breath and go on the date – you’ll be glad you did, even if it doesn’t work out.

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