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What Her Toys Reveal About Her

By: W. Rosens

So, your lady is using toys. Yeah, I can see how this might make guys feel threatened. “Am I being replaced with a bigger, better, more satisfying alternative?” Men don’t have to feel this way. Just because she likes using toys, doesn’t mean she’s not getting enough from her man.

According to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, over half of women have used sex toys, so it’s very likely your lady has one in a drawer somewhere. Additionally, not all toys are created equal so understanding her go-to toys can provide insight into what she wants from her stud in the bedroom.

The Traditional Vibrator: They are reliable, dependable, and powerful enough to get her where she wants to go. If it needs to be plugged into the wall, then there’s no mistaking she is into the power. Women want a variety of speeds to vary the pressure until she gets into the O-zone. What does this mean? It’s not about one steady pace to the finish line. Try starting slow and building to a climax. It’s not a bad idea to vary your intensity between rough business and gentler action.

The Bullet Vibe: They are small thumb sized vibrators, often times shaped like a bullet. If she’s packing this kind heat, she has a target she’s aiming at is her clitoris. It’s packed with thousands of nerve endings. Stimulation here is a fast lane to having orgasms for women. What does this mean? Instead of going straight to penetration, consider playing with her clit in the beginning to warm her up a bit. Then you can move on towards positions that rub onto that spot, like her on top or missionary with your hips grinding that spot.

The Rabbit: These toys are named for the two pronged rabbit eared extensions that are designed to stimulate a couple areas at once, her clitoris and her g-spot. These wonders of sexual engineering have the power of the traditional vibrator with double the sensation. What does this mean? She wants to feel good all over. Rabbits are a sign you ought to pay more attention to her needs and focus on giving her pleasure all over her body. During oral sex, while playing with her clit with your tongue, also include some “digital” penetration targeting her g-spot. Also, while you’re entering her from behind reach around and use your fingertips to press on her love button.

The Dildo: Typically, large and phallic-shaped, and the closest thing to a “replacement penis” in the range of women’s sex toys on the market. Before you start fretting over the inclusion of the word “large” in the last sentence remember that a girl who uses a dildo likes the same hardware you are packing. The difference is she can control it. “Why does she have a dildo?” She likes penetration What does this mean? Don’t be huffy about the size of your lady’s pornstar-sized dildo. This is a strong indicator that she enjoys deep penetration, which is a win-win. Really! Your girl wants control of the thrust and penetration. Give her the opportunity to position you around, just how she likes it.

Our last piece of advice is not to be afraid to include her toys during sex. Experiment and find a favorite toy to use together. Maybe next time she’s alone and reaches for her toy, she’ll be reminded of you.

What toys are you keen on using together? Let us know below.

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