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Rating a Woman an “8 Out of 10” Should be Okay

By: W. Mears

What is wrong with rating a girl 1-10? I walk do the street in Los Angeles, Miami or New York and I see lots of gorgeous women. I am trying to communicate to others how much I find a girl attractive. I do it because we all understand the numerical hierarchy of 1-10. If a hot girl is a 9 then she only has a few things that I wish were different. How else am I supposed to make a guy understand how hot they are? Is this serious? No, it is whimsical. Did I do a study and use clinical evidence to come to this? Of course I didn’t. I joke around and it’s a light hearted way to understand what I see.

I was at a cabin and this subject came up when my friends described some 9’s we saw on the ski slopes in Heavenly. Our female friends laughed out loud as we talked about it, but then changed their tone of voice.

“How can you judge people like that and laugh about it?”

I didn’t see the problem. We were friends and we even told them what rating we gave them. We gave them a nothing since we knew each other since childhood. Now I’ve kept up on the current momentum of female empowerment. It’s not new to me and I support it. I think I am a feminist and do think women can do everything a man can do. Men are just built differently though. We like to look at women. We are attuned to looking at women and feeling good. Who doesn’t like to people watch at a coffee shop or the club. Now I am not judging a woman based on her score. I am rating her to describe how attracted I am to her “look.”

I am sure she has more talents, skills and substance. I guarantee she does. I am just talking about her looks to me. It’s almost like a personal testimonial that most men understand. Am I devaluing them? I don’t think so because I didn’t touch upon any of their other qualities. I didn’t want tp. It’s not like I wanted to describe their life. Some people have good and bad days. It’s just that day we crossed paths and I felt that was the best way for me to describe them to my friends.

“That statement makes look really shallow.”

What? Am I shallow that men rate women 1-10? I look at women and think of their value on a 1-10 range. I told my female friends that I thought women were the nasty ones when it comes to judging people and being shallow. Women hate on other women just as bad as they hate on other men. They criticize them on their hair, skin, clothes and other aspect they can spin negatively. Silence…

I went to further describe their dating procedures. Hooking up with anyone you want is fine. If the women like who they pick because of appearance I say bone away. However the comments these girls made about the guys are worse than rating women 1-10. Picking apart a guy’s job, earning potential, car, dancing skills, living situation, tattoos and how fit their body looks seem a lot more critical than how a girl rates 1-10. I said you actually use irrelevant components of guy’s life and condemn him to an equation based on each weighted aspect. Damn that is cruel. That is crueler than just calling a woman a 7. This seems vindictive.

How do I even know this? They often will destroy a guy in front of us for laughs. Talk about the pessimistic attributes this one guy will have. The more they clown on him they louder they laugh out loud. I am no saint here because who doesn’t love a public shaming or roast for a few laughs. I am just saying I take it with a light heart and don’t try to take it seriously. Comedians will destroy someone of minor features. These girls destroy the dudes they hang out with like a post war victory feast. I laugh in on it because I don’t know the guy. I don’t see us making any disparaging comments for people who clown on others. That’s where the hypocrisy happens. How can I be vilified when do something so minor.

Maybe I should step back and look at how women are being judged all the time. Women and men both judge women on their looks. I can understand they are more sensitive to these types of topics. Women’s identities are synonymous with their looks. Marketing and media have reinforced this stigma for ages. Sad I know, but men aren’t nearly as cruel as women are. I told my female friends we just do it light heartedly. Our comments are based on comments that are skin deep. I told them they are much more destructive the way they describe guys they meet since they use status makers as evidence to describe a person. If a person didn’t have a nice car, house or clothes meant they were subpar. It sure sounds materialistic to me.

There was no way this topic was going down without a fight. Fundamentally we are different creates with different perspectives. I am just saying men are committing the lesser of two evils if you could even call rating a girl an evil. I would say it’s a positive thing. Some girls might dig knowing they are an 8!

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