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Bedside Essentials Checklist

By: B. Somers

Guys need it as much as women do.

Slow down. I’m talking about a properly stocked sex drawer in their nightstand. Women have these bedside and men should too. Sex savvy men know that it’s about more than just condoms and lube these days.

Here are some essentials you ought to have stocked. Some are sexy and some are just about being a good host.

Breath mints

Obviously, fresh minty breath makes for a good make out experience. What’s not so obvious is if she takes one before oral, a guy can enjoy a bit of extra sensation. It may cause a bit of a shock and cause you to jump. I would compare it to an Icy Hot patch on a normal part of your body (I do not recommend putting Icy Hot on your junk), but without the burn and more of a zippy, tingly feeling.

A Variety of Condoms

Yes, you want a condom that will protect against STDs and prevent pregnancy, but there is more to consider. Condoms come in different types of textures, flavors and thicknesses. You want to try a wide variety because you might just find the perfect condom for you if you take the time to experiment. It’s also smart to have both latex and non-latex condoms. Some ladies are allergic to latex while others are going to have a latex sensitivity.


Ladies definitely have this in their sex drawers but are far less likely to carry it in their clutch. K-Y Jelly is going help get the job done, but if you want to impress, find some stuff that comes in a fancy bottle like Uberlube. That stuff comes in a glass bottle and can be used as massage oil too. Be smooth and don’t sweat it if wetness is an issue.

Blowjob Spray

Believe it or not, blowjob spray is about her enjoyment. Going down on a person can be hard (no pun intended), that’s why it’s called a job (pun intended). The spray will deal with any issues of dry mouth for her and make you taste better.

A Towel and Baby Wipes

As a gracious host, the least your lady should expect after a round of buttering the biscuit is to not have to take off for the bathroom to clean up. Keep those small package individually wrapped wet baby wipes close and a dry washcloth so she doesn’t have to sleep in the wet spot. It’s just the considerate thing to do.

Anything we missed? Let us know below.

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