How To Hookup Online

The Elusive Email Response

By: S. Rogers

One of the worst parts of online dating is waiting for a response to that kickass message you sent, only to hear nothing back in return. Sure it’s a part of the game, but it sucks nonetheless. So what do you do when the reply you were waiting for never comes?

Try not to take it personal.

Easier said than done, right? But you have to remember that just because you didn’t get a response doesn’t necessarily mean your game is weak. Women are bombarded with emails and sometimes just don’t have the time to open all of them, let alone respond. One of my current lady friends gets over 100 messages daily, so those coming from members not matching her Cupid Preferences are automatically deleted. Sure, some don’t respond because they truly aren’t interested, but there will be someone out there who is.

She got the email.

It may be easier on the ego to assume she never got your message and send her another one, but chances are she did get it and just never replied. It’s a harsh realization, believe me I know, but it’s better to accept it and move on to someone who is interested than to keep hounding someone who has no intention of ever responding.

No response is a response.

Sometimes there’s a valid explanation for a lack of response, and sometimes there’s not. Either way, no response is a pretty good indicator you’re barking up the wrong tree. Save yourself the grief of asking why and keep looking.

Keep trying.

I remember when I first joined the site it felt like forever before I finally got a response from someone. That’s when a friend I met in one of the member interest groups suggested I switch up my approach, and it worked. For me that meant really taking the time to read profiles so I wasn’t sending messages to women who were either too far away, not interested in meeting single men, or just looking for something totally different than what I had to offer. This made a huge difference for me, and the amount of responses I received nearly doubled within days.

Even if you have a few misses from time to time, you can and will be successful in the adult dating world. Just don’t get discouraged– the rest will come easy.

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