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3.6 / 5.0 (117) Updated January 7, 2014
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  • Getting Laid 3.7/5.0
  • Mobile App 4.0/5.0
  • Live Chat 3.5/5.0
  • Active Members 3.9/5.0
  • Site Features 4.0/5.0
  • Privacy 3.5/5.0
  • Verified Members 3.6/5.0
  • Customer Service 3.5/5.0
Overall Rating 3.6 / 5.0
"While the new design has a few hiccups here and there, I will say it looks absolutely fantastic."
NaughtyDate Editor Review
L. Ricarde
L. Ricarde

3.6 / 5.0
January 7, 2014


Are you the flirty, outgoing, and naughty type? There is a place for you to meet wild adults and hookup. It’s simple, easy, and fast to sign up. At you will meet flirty-minded singles looking to hookup. You should give it a try. I did and I am glad I did 100%. All the features rock on getting you comfortable with new folks on the site.


I like that Together Networks chose the domain name It’s very fitting and playful. However the same can’t be said for their choice in the cover page. The cover looks like a billboard advertisement for Dancing with the Stars, starring Courtney Kardasian and Scott Disick? I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw that picture. I highly doubt the women or men look evenly remotely attractive as the couple on the cover. AdultFriendFinder and Adult Hookups advertise that they are the biggest or have the most members. Naughtydate instead wants it to be known that they are one of the top dating sites for flirty singles. That translates to blah, blah, blah. As a woman, I’m drawn to words like “biggest”, “number 1”, and “largest.” Saying that you are “one of the top” tells me you’re just a glorified average site. Despite some initial drawbacks, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to sign up as a free member since women get to message men for free. Maybe the features and what they have to offer will change my mind.

Signing Up

Signing up was pretty much a breeze. There was no interactive model guiding you through the process. Fill in your information and just activate your account. Within 30 seconds I had my account up and running. Navigating through the site seemed intuitive enough. The main feature tabs like home, search, mail, chat, and activity were at the top.

Site Features

On the home page, there are four sections: who’s hot near me, chose one of…, advertisement, and news feed.

The “who’s near me” part essentially shows photos of guys near you. You have the option of viewing more photos based on age, sex, location, photo quality, last visit, and distance. Now only if they could filter out the ugly ones because I wasn’t too impressed w/ the default selection provided. This is basically the abridged search feature.

The “choose one of…” section of the homepage seemed like a rip off of the popular Hot or Not site. The Naughtydate version shows you two random pictures and you are supposed like one of the two. It seems to be a fun little feature but gets cumbersome when you have to manually refresh the page. Again the candidates were not so hot. Proof that site has real members.

The advertisement section highlights new features or other features that are new to novice members. It kept telling me to upgrade to connect so that non-paying members could contact me. That didn’t sound right to me.

The news feed section shows members that have sent you a message or have shown interest in you. Sometimes they put random members in there for you. Theoretically this is a great idea, except there is only enough room to fit two members at a time in that section. It also could be that I was getting love from only two guys. I hope that wasn’t the case.

List of Site Features

  • Mobile App
  • Flirtcast
  • Live Member Chat
  • Member Forums
  • Profile Gallery
  • News Feed
  • Hookups on with Adults Nearby
  • Flirts with Multiple Members at Once
  • Live Chat with Naughty Adults
  • Connect with Like-Minded People
  • View Your Favorite Members
  • Updates on Select Members


I felt a little adventurous and decided to plunge into the chat rooms. There are a total of 10 chat rooms divided into 2 sections. One section is for U.S. members and the other is for international members. There are typical chat rooms such as general chat, naughty but nice, gay & lesbian, couples, and kinks and fetishes. What I found out was that you can engage in conversation with anybody without having to upgrade your membership. I appreciated it because I like to test drive things before I buy. I don’t think this is an option if you are a guy.

The general chat room is comprised of like-minded members looking for real dating and fun. You will find the wild and flirty ones in the naughty but nice chat room. This is where the more interesting members hang out. As for those interested in gay and lesbian chatter or have kinks and fetishes can congregate in the gay and lesbian chat room or the kinks and fetishes chat room respectively. Couples can flirt with other couples in the couple’s chat room. The same type of chat rooms can be found in the international section. The only obvious difference is that there are more members due to the fact that they come from all over the world. I’m not sure you would have any productive conversations in these chat rooms because it’s mostly a bunch of guys coming up with phrases containing the words sexy and baby in every sentence. The women like to tease and have the tendency to advertise their numbers. I’m guessing those are the models. Your best bet for a real conversation is to go into private chat with someone. At least that’s how I like it. It’s more intimate and you don’t have several guys talking to you all at once vying for your attention.

While I was in the chat rooms, I couldn’t help notice a red chili pepper at the top right side of page. It could have been there the whole time, but I didn’t notice it until then. I figured it has to do with someone or something being hot. I was close. It essentially filters the level of naughtiness you would like to see from the member videos and photos.

There are 3 options: normal, sexy, and no limits. In normal mode, it allows you to see member photos and videos that don’t contain nudity. This is great for those of us tired of seeing in your face cock shots. Be original at least, dress it up with a tie or something. The sexy mode is for those a little more on the wild side, but not completely. Photos and videos are sexier and racier and may include nude topless photos. I think this is the more tasteful and fun approach. The no limits approach is basically self-explanatory and uncensored. You will definitely see in your face penis shots when you filter w/ this option.

Member Verification/Privacy

One of the most unique and reassuring features I have seen on any adult dating so far is the “become trusted” feature. This is their way to verify that you are a real person. There are four methods available. The first one is through a third party verification service called I wouldn’t do this option because it’s more work. The next method is through SMS, in which you provide a phone number so they can text or call you to verify. This is probably the simplest way assuming you a have generous texting plan. The third method is by calling a toll free number and providing a user id that the site provided. This is probably the second easiest way to verify. Lastly, you can use your credit card for verification. I would err on the side of caution and only adopt this method if there were no other means. It’s nice to see that Naughtydate is concerned about the safety of its members. In addition they provide safety advice in the form of an online dating tutorial. Common sense advice such as not providing too much personal info and telling family where you will be meeting your date are covered. Not bad for just being a free member. Imagine the benefits of being a paid member.

Membership Cost

When you upgrade from free to VIP, they send you to a membership plan page. By default, four of the five option plans are already checked off, so if you are not careful you will be paying for stuff you didn’t know you could have excluded. The four plans that are checked off are the VIP search (positions your profile higher – $4.99/month), highlight your profile ($4.99/month), mail backgrounds (adds background to your messages - $4.99/month), and premium smileys (smiley emoticons - $1.99/month). They all sound like a waste of money to me because if you are average looking, it doesn’t matter where you are placed or what you add. However, if you find the features useful and have some money to burn, then by all means. The only membership plan anyone should consider is the “communicate for free” plan. I know; it’s an oxymoron when you have to pay $9.90/month to communicate for free. It gets worse. You pay the monthly membership so that standard members will be able to email you at no cost to them. It’s probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. On a good note, you do get to pick your membership a la carte, so you could save some money there. In addition, compared to other adult dating sites, it’s pretty much a steal at $9.90/month. Keep in mind that they will automatically charge your credit card at the end of the month if you do not cancel.

First Time Customer Rates
  • 3-day trial $4.47
  • 1-Month $34.99
  • 3-Month $59.97
  • 6-Month $95.94
Connect Upgrade Features
  • Let all non-paying members contact you for FREE
  • Make more friends on the site
  • The CONNECT badge on your profile will let everyone know they can communicate with you for FREE
  • More replies to your emails and chat messages guaranteed
Connect Upgrade - $9.90/Month
  • 1-Month $9.90
  • 3-Month $29.7
  • 6-Month $59.4
VIP Upgrade Features
  • Be among the first profiles shown to new members
  • Highlight your profile in the search results
  • Let others notice you easily
  • Great Mail Backgrounds to help make your messages unique
  • Add cool Smileys to your chat messages and express your emotions!
VIP Upgrade - $6.90/Month
  • 1-Month $41.89
  • 3-Month $80.66
  • 6-Month $137.34
Returning Customer Rates
  • 1-Month $49.89
  • 3-Month $104.66
  • 6-Month $185.34


There is a lot of upside to this site despite a lack of features, like a forum. It probably has something to do with this site being new. The growth potential to expand on its features and member volume looks to be promising. The risk to try to this site is minimal. At $9.90 a month, there is nothing to lose. That’s less than what some people pay for lunch. You will hookup eventually by using Naughtydate.

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Site Facts
  • Site launched 2011
  • Review was created on January 7, 2014
  • 750,000 Photos Uploaded
  • 600,000 Videos Uploaded
  • 3,000,000+ members
  • Free Membership for Life
  • Based in Europe
Traffic / Popularity
Unique Visitors For NaughtyDate
  • Mobile App Hookup w/ Adults Nearby
  • Flirtcast Flirt with Multiple Members
  • Live Member Chat Chat w/ Naughty Adults
  • Member Forums Connect w/ Like-Minded Adults
  • Profile Gallery View Favorite Members
  • Live News Feed Updates on Select Members
  • Naughty Mode Change Photo/Video Setting on Profiles
Company Info
  • Company Name TogetherNetworks
  • Address Vincenti Buildings 28/19, Suite 1374, Strait Street, Valletta, VLT 1432 Malta
  • Phone number 44-844-482-4945
  • Live Chat Support Not Now (In development)
  • Email support Form on Site -
  • Location Republic of Malta, Europe
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