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4.5 / 5.0 (304) Updated April 2, 2014
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Overall Rating 4.5 / 5.0
" is the best way to find a mate you are perfectly compatible with."
GetItOn Editor Review
P. Nebraski
P. Nebraski

4.5 / 5.0
April 2, 2014


This site was exactly what I was needed. I wanted to meet women who were on the same page about sex. Being upfront about that made it real easy who to connect with and meet. The tools on Getiton helped me reach out to women directly and get their attention and maintain it. It helped me arrange meetups and hookups. It will do the same for you if you put effort into it like me.

Getting a Membership

I wanted to find someone I could be sexual compatible with and not be shamed about it. I like a lot of sex. More than most of my past partners. I know getting on the same page is important, but I just enjoy it so much I need it more than most guys. This is soured a lot of my past relationships. I had hoped (Getiton) would help me find a better sexual match.

I registered for Getiton. Right off the bat I was asked how important are the different sex positions and styles important for me. Now this is what I am talking about. It felt like this site was catered for sex aficionados. I answered the 16 questions about my comfort levels with sex preferences. I assumed this was to match up adults with similar comfort levels.

If you wondered what were the differences between a Basic versus Premium Member, I summarized it below. I recommend you upgrade to Premium, just based on these perks alone.

  Basic Member Premium Member
Send MessagesNoYes
Reply to MessagesYesYes
Send FlirtsNoYes
Send Messages with SmiliesLimitedYes
Email Storage30 days90 Days
View WebcamsNoYes
Number of Webcams Viewed at Once1Unlimited
See Unlimited Member VideosNoYes
Watch Member Webcam VideosYesYes
View Member ProfilesNoYes
View Member PhotosOnly Main PhotoAll Photos
Access Extra Large PhotosNoYes

Perks of a Premium Membership

I answered all the physical description questions about myself. I wanted to give women the best idea of who I was. After I got my email confirmation and I logged back onto the site. Immediately they asked me to upgrade, which I thought was a little quick. I like to try a product out first before I buy it. I tried to search for member profiles, but could only see their small example of one. A message notified me I would only be able to see a members main profile photo. If I had wanted to see the actual member's profile, all her photos and see them in extra large format I would have needed a premium upgraded membership. The profiles I initially previewed interested me. I proceeded to sign up and saw more upsell options. The first one was the "Open the Door" enhancement. This allowed the free standard members to view your profile and message you. It took the hassle of upgrading away for adults interested into checking me out. I thought it was well worth it if it would make it easier for others to contact me. The other feature was the "Highlight Listings" enhancement. The site said it highlights your profile above profiles. I saw what I meant later that night. Your profile is accented unlike the traditional profiles. I just said screw it and got both upgrades for 3 months. I listed the pricing tiers for all three things below.

Premium Membership Upgrade Pricing Tiers:
1-Month $18.95
4-Month $39.80
18-Month $107.10
Profile Enhancement Tiers:
None Free
1-Month $12.95
3-Month $23.85
12-month $71.40
Highlighted Profile Tiers:
None Free
1-Month $6.00
3-Month $17.85

As a Premium upgraded member I was now allowed to read every member's full profile, view all member videos/photos, and be able to see them in large format. Another perk of being Premium was being able to the Live Webcams. This feature lets you show a live webcam of yourself. I don't think I come off the best through messaging. I don't think I can best express myself. This feature was awesome. I could be online streaming myself and let others watch me interact with other people. I think it let people see my true personality. I got a lot of interaction from women who were watching me. They told me they liked the way I was so easy talking with other women. I would say this is the sites absolutely best feature. It fit my personality perfectly.

Members Streaming on Cams

Now don't get confused about the Live Webcams feature. One aspect of it streams your activity out to other Premium members. The other side of it is you can watch models on live cams. In this one you pay those girls to strip and do tricks. There was a cost per minute rate they wanted. This stuff was like an online strip club. While I like a good night out at the club, I don't think I could enjoy it if it happened too often. When you can get this kind of stream at home so easily I fear it can get addicting. Be fair warned about this.

Women that were watching me on the Live Webcams feature told me to check out their videos. This was amazing. They wanted me to admire their bodies. They asked me detailed questions about what I thought about their body parts. This was super straight forward, but I loved it. These were the type of women I wanted to meet. They asked me to post some videos of myself. They said they wanted to see what I had. I kept my face and tattoos out of the videos and uploaded them right through the site. The site was amazing. It let me record videos through the Video tab on the site, using my own webcam, and let me upload it. That was a very convienent feature. There was even a Manage Videos tab feature. After you post a lot of videos online, it helped you keep them in order. You had to be mindful because there is a 2 Gig video upload limit.

I think a lot of Premium members liked this feature. There were over 90,000 videos available to watch. Men, women and couples posted a mix high quality and HD videos. Some might just like to watch amateur porn, but I think these videos better help you get to know the person on the video. You could actually meet up with these people and hookup. That's what I did.

There were also advanced search options available on the site. If you need a specific set of traits on a woman or man to get you off, you can filter through the members. For example if you only like black men or women with slim bodies you could search for them. I am not too picky on who I date. I like it when we can get along easily and love sex in a similar way. I kept my searches relatively simple. I looked for women looking for men. I didn't mind if they were open to other things as long as they were still looking for men as well.

The advanced search allows for gays, lesbians or couples to use the site just the same. Lesbian, gay and straight couples could look for partners just the same as I was looking. They could look for other couples or for single adults.

One of the better features of the the profiles was the Compare Our Answers tab. I appreciated that the site compared our sexual comforts. I found it reassuring that the women I liked looked like they were going to be compatible with my highly sexual lifestyle. One of the features on the home tab was called the My Cupid Matches. This automatically matched my answers to the sexual comfort questions of other members. It then displayed all the local women for me to browse.

There were a lot of women I wanted to contact. I sent lots of messages to women after I read their profile and looked at their photos and videos. I had a fun time. In case it's tough for a person to reach out and message there are other options. Even in a bar it sometimes can be tough to start a conversation. You can send Flirts to people you like. It might take a few of these for you to get warmed up, but you can. This is a message telling a person that you are flirting with them. You never know, but these actually might work more than you think. Another way to send a message is by sending Smilies. These are just like Emojis. Some women really like these because they are innocent looking.

One thing I thought was super smart on the site is the "Last Login" date on a person's profile. You are informed about when they were last active. I liked this because it told you if a person is active on the site. This let me know if a person could have read my messages and that they were a real love person. I would rather try connecting to active folks than to inactive profiles.

Another smart aspect Getiton has is their "Viewed Me" feature. If you want to see who is interested in you, you can visit this tab and see who they are. They might be too shy to send a message, flirt or Smilie so this might be a oppurtunity to connect to them. I did this often and had the impression they didn't know I knew they had checked me out. Maybe I am wrong, but it felt like that.

If you are still too shy you could use the "Hotlist Me" option. This lets you label profiles you think are Hot. You tag them because they are appealing to you. You can come back to them later when you aren't so shy. They are like your crème of the crop in profiles so far. Doing this also lets them know you think they are hot. Light flirting, such as this, can get you far. These wouldn't be here if they didn't work.

The Bottom Line

I don't realy know what else you could need on this site. It has every feature you need to reach out to people and see if they like you tool. You can be direct and send a message, video or photo. If you are still shy you can send Flirts, Smilies, or Hotlist them. They would know exactly how you feel about them. I wish I joined this site sooner in life. I recomend this site to anyone who wants to hookup with their sexual match.

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