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4.7 / 5.0 (384) Updated October 10, 2014
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Overall Rating 4.7 / 5.0
"Social networking is a whole lot more fun when you get to do it naked."
Fuckbookhookups Editor Review
A. Palmer
A. Palmer

4.7 / 5.0
October 10, 2014


To put it shortly, FuckbookHookups.com(Fuckbookhookup) is a feature rich and huge casual dating site and I am having an awesome time on it. I recommend it to anyone interested in meeting someone to hookup with.

Signing Up

Signing up on FuckbookHookups was simple. Fill out some quick info, who you are, what you like and a little introduction for people to see, an email to verify, and you are in business. Even at the free tier, there’s plenty to whet your appetite and give you a real impression of what you can do.

What You’ll See

Your member homepage looks really busy at first, but it doesn’t take long to get accustomed to. You’ll find it’s designed to show a lot of features for use up front and right there on the screen.

Your profile info is right up front with any updates you may want to know, like messages or flirts received or how many views your profile has received. Along the rest of the page are windows full of information about things currently happening on the site; tabs displaying featured members currently online, new members matching your particular tastes (or Cupid Preferences as they are called), members near your specified location and VIP profiles. Of course, there’s also a button to filter or refine your results as you see fit.

You’re also treated with links to member webcams, instant messaging, and live chat rooms. Round this all off with archived content like member videos and photo galleries and even a community driven top members page and you’ll know there’s plenty to explore and do on FuckbookHookups.

Also accessible from the home screen is a New Activities log which is basically a site-wide news feed highlighting member statuses and new changes like uploaded photos and video of the members which can be filtered to members on your friends list or local members. New Activities also keeps you in the know about when other members are broadcasting and you can post comments from the feed itself. Like other sites, you can “Like” these top trending activities too.

A few other nice features come by way of live webcam model feeds for a little instant gratification, and some community postings like photo contests, member blogs and member groups. If it’s not clear at this point, FuckbookHookups packs that homepage with as many features as possible and while some may call it busy, I see it as efficient and I really appreciate the layout.


If I had to put out a negative about the site, I’d say with all the features packed up on the screen all at once, the load time for pages can feel slow compared to other sites. Must be a matter of having so many members and updates going on, accessing the info that’s tailored to your preferences adds a second or two to the load time.


You will find all the real features about interacting with other members are hidden behind a pay wall. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck (pun intended), then you’d be hard pressed to find better than FuckbookHookups.

A Standard Membership with FuckbookHookups, which is free, affords you the ability to chat on instant messenger and chatrooms, put other members on your hotlist, the ability to “like” photos and videos, and join Member Blogs and Groups. This free membership provides at least a couple hours of fun poking around the features, filling out your profile or answering questionnaires to determine your preferences.

If you want to take full advantage of FuckbookHookups and maximize your chances at getting some real action, a Gold Membership is essential. The features crucial to meeting people and making new casual contacts become available to you once you go Gold. Sending and receiving messages work just like email and are opened up to Gold Members. Along with messages you will be able to send members “flirts” as well as Friend Requests. Flirts are a playful but casual way to let other members know you’re interested in them.

Gold Members will also be allowed full access to reading the complete profiles of FuckbookHookups members. Seeing this is quite helpful in getting to know the people you’re interacting with, hopefully finding compatibility in the process. As a small aside, Gold Membership isn’t the only way to do this. As a Standard Member you can pay to see complete profiles a la carte for a small fee ($2.95 for 30 days). It’s an option if you aren’t ready for a Gold Membership.

This premium membership will also allow you to view all the hot videos and see full-sized photos on the site. Members are posting and archiving sexy and naughty material all the time. Just observing the New Activities feed for a few minutes or so and this becomes very obvious and your Gold Membership grants you access to all of it. Even better you’ll be able to comment and reply to any and all of this user content as well. I know when I see a nice ass I gotta let people know it.


All this and priority customer service and it’s difficult to not recommend a Gold membership to anyone. FuckbookHookups’ rates are low compared to the other sites and the offers get better, the longer you’re interested in using FuckbookHookups

  • Gold Membership for 1 Month - $29.95
  • Gold Membership for 4 Months - $59.80
  • Gold Membership for 18 Months - $89.10

There are caveats to the 4 month and 18 month pricing structures which in the end boil down to incentivizing you to being an active user on the site. You’re expected to login at least once a month, send at least 3 messages to other users every month, as well as make an approved blog post or group post every month. It’s hard to process if you’re new to dating sites in general, but the effort is worth it to get the discount. You’ll be doing this just being a member who uses the site anyway, it’s really easy.

The Bottom Line

Odd pricing models aside, I recommend people give the full membership at FuckbookHookups a try. You get access to so many members, and for those of you who know, dating doesn’t necessarily have to be numbers game when you talk about online dating. FuckbookHookups not only widens the playing field but its members are all pretty much all looking for the same thing. If you’re out to have some fun, FuckbookHookups is the place to go.

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  • Site Launched 2008
  • Review Created October 10, 2013
  • 25,000,000+ Members Worldwide
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  • International Phone 800-3363-3333
  • Fax 408-702-1033
  • Email fuckbookhookups.com/p/help.cgi
  • Company ffn.com
  • Location Sunnyvale, California
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